Gimme Gimme Gimme that Swing!

How fun to get Swing music stuck in my head! The electro swing movement has been a sheer joy for me.


Save the Doodles, Save the Art!

I made an inquiry on Facebook about what to do with the growing pile of paper I have with drawings and other art experiments that I need to do something about. I  had enough people show interest in an art rescue project so this is the event.

I do not live close to anyone I know, so I can’t just have someone come over and pick out what they like to take home. So rather than throwing the pile into recycling, and as I can’t afford to mail it out, people will need to send me the postage amount to rescue this art.


Most of the art is from the art challenges I participated in last year of Junicorn, Junefae, Septembird, and Inktober as well as some inspired by Ellen Million’s Sketchfest, the app Sktchy and just stuff that just had to be tried.


To make it as fair as possible I have a gallery on Facebook with an image of each piece of art on the chopping block and anyone can comment on that image to make a pledge for rescuing that piece of art. You are welcome to pledge more than the $10 minimum but I don’t expect you to, except if more than one person wants a piece of art, then I am afraid it becomes a bidding war. Each person with an interest in that piece of art comments on that image with their bid, and the last comment with the highest bid, wins the piece of art. If there is a piece of art that gets no pledges, then not all hope for it is lost. There is a chance it will end up in a random package with one of the other pieces of art as packing material.

I will have the gallery open for pledges for two weeks, so hopefully by then everyone who wants to participate will have had a chance. I will make a final comment on each pledge as to whom I intend to send the art to.

I just want to thank everyone who commented on and liked my original inquiry about getting rid of all this random spare art. It’s because of you I am putting in this effort to save these pieces of paper rather than throwing them into recycling or using as fire starting materials.

This is the link to the event:

and this is the link to the pledging gallery:

How to pay the pledge.

My paypal account is linked to the email address, or email me at that same address and we can make other arrangements.

If you are interested in digital prints, cards and other merchandise, many of my images are available through print on demand services such as Fine Art America/ Pixels, Café Press, Redbubble or Zazzle. If you missed getting a pledge on a piece of art, or I have some art that only exists in digital form, or the original wasn’t available for rescue at this time, this is the next best way to get something I created.

If you like to colour or just want digital copies of some of my images, I share some of my line art each month on Patreon for a small subscription.

Thanks again for your interest in my art!


Everybody wants to be a Cat

Because a cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at.

This one was stuck in my head out of the blue, been a long time since I’ve heard this song. The only thing I can think of is I was playing the text my sweetie some GIFs game and a little snippet of one of the kittens from the Aristocats dancing came up. Funny what our subconscious can pick up on!

Frazier and Kaboodle in my imagination - pastel-small


While my Shamisen Gently Weeps

This song is one of those enduring classics, and there are many covers, but this one maybe my favourite version, even on par with the original. Perhaps because it is so different, yet keeps the qualities that makes the song so good. It is featured in the end credits of the movie Kubo and the Two Strings which is also a work of art on it’s own. Never a complaint when this song gets stuck in my head!


Guardians of the Chain

Yeah, it’s probably because of Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 this song got stuck in my head. Being it was featured in the trailer as well as in the movie and I am such a comic book movie nerd. Not sure why it chose this morning to be burrowing through my brain, perhaps it’s a sign I should watch the movie again tonight!

Sketchfest Again

Ellen hosted a second Sketchfest at the end of December so here is another set of drawings from #EMGSketchfest 95!

I was drawn to the dragon prompts this time it seems. I chose Dragon of Ice and Stars, Snow Dragon, Bird Dragon and Galaxy Dragon. Various levels of doneness. I spent only an hour on the Dragon of Ice and Stars. I worked after the hour on the Snow Dragon and Bird Dragon, but I think I would like to do more with them, and I finished the Galaxy Dragon. The Galaxy Dragon is multimedia. I started out with a light graphite sketch and then  dipping ink wash. Then I used acrylics like water colours, then some metallic gem dust, a bit of pencil crayon and metallic markers are in there too. It’s very shiny sparkly in person.

Anyway, this is what I have to share for now!

sketchfest 95 collage



A Faun Song

This is the song stuck in my head this morning. Don’t know if has anything to do with dreams of camping on a mountainside or not.

I learned about Faun when somebody told me about the Faerieworlds festival in Oregon.I managed to visit that wonderful festival a few times, but have never gotten to see an appearance of Faun. Oh well, we have the internet and downloads, so I have been blessed with their music in digital form at least!

Winter Solstice

Today was the shortest day of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere, but where I am currently living, it was not cold at all. I took a walk around a park I like and took some winter solstice pictures.

Funny Smiths

With songs like “How Soon is Now” “Girlfriend in a Coma” or “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want” being the more familiar fair, how does one come off saying, the Smiths are funny.

I recently watched an interview where the person being interview said he found the Smiths funny. The interviewer looked at him like he was being very odd. Like how could one think the Smiths are a funny band… I don’t think the interviewer was as familiar with the Smiths as the interviewee was.

I think the Smiths are funny. One of my favourites being “Sweet and Tender Hooligan”  Today’s song stuck in my head is one of the funnier ones.

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