Selling Original Art

I have been loath to sell off my art. I get attached. The problem is it just sits in boxes and drawers, never to be seen. Recently I decided to get rid of a bunch of paper for the cost of shipping it to anyone willing to pay for said shipping and I discovered it was a thing I could manage. Packing and shipping art isn’t so bad. So I am offering up a new batch of art for sale. This time it is pieces that I won’t mind holding onto if it never gets sold. I won’t let these pieces go for merely the shipping costs, and even though I found it doable, it did take time I never accounted for in my pricing. So this is real art for real prices. There is no bidding or time limit. If you want a piece let me know and I will ship it for the listed cost.* There are letter sized paper drawings all the way up to large acrylic paintings. These are pieces I am pretty happy with and I am proud of each of these pieces. The gallery for this art is currently on Facebook at:

*possible negotiations considered by each individual piece of art.


Nothing Else Matters

Woke up with this song prominently singing itself through my brain. Typical girl liking the slow song of a heavy metal band the best. But this really is such an awesome song. I like Metallica, I like their heavy stuff too. It’s just this song is so full of passion artistry and meaning. It shows off many reasons why they are such a good band with the longevity they have had.

Another thing that shows off how Metallica is a musically awesome band is the show they did with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. I like the whole S&M (Symphony and Metallica) album, all the music melds well with the orchestral additions. So here is that version too.

The reason, most likely, this song was stuck in my head, is that I have been listening to a very interesting instrumental cover lately. Nothing says heavy metal like renaissance lute.

One Day Left to Save the Doodles!

One Day Left! Anyone who wishes has tomorrow to post. My FaceBook Page Album, “Save the Doodles” has all the art that needs to go.  Saturday I will start going through and sending messages to anyone who pledged to save some art. I recommend going through and liking any images you didn’t pledge on, just in case they end up as packaging with the art that you did pledge for!

Some of the pieces that I think are nice that haven’t had anyone pledging to rescue are:

cephalod princess pastel-02
Cephalopod Princess, pastel drawing
grey angel-small
grey angel, graphite on grey toned paper with metallic highlights
Septembird 15 pigeon-small
Pigeon on a Ledge, coloured pencil with metallic marker highlights
green eyed owl-small
Screech Owl, micron pen illustration with metallic marker for the green eyes.
nightingale painted-sm
Nightingale, micron pen with a metallic paint wash.
Inktober 7 shy sktchy ink painting v2-small
Shy Elf, ink line drawing with a dipping ink wash and metallic highlights.
020 Juneicorn
Unicorn, graphite and white charcoal with metallic highlights on grey toned paper.
01 JuneFae
Fairy Girl, micron pen, pastels, pencil crayon, metallic markers.
Inktober 14 fierce sktchy cat ink painting-small
For the inktober prompt “Fierce”, micron pen and dipping ink wash.

There are many more that are unclaimed at the Facebook gallery, so take a look and see if there is anything you would rather own than have it tossed in the recycle bin.



The other day a post on Facebook got me on an Eurythmics YouTube binge. They are one of my favourite 80’s. So of course a couple days later I wake up with an Eurythmics song in my head. It wasn’t the song that inspired the binge, nor was it one of my favourite Eurythmics songs, but because it was the one stuck in my head, I share it with you now.



Save the Doodles Event Ongoing!

The sale on pieces of paper with drawings on them is ongoing on Facebook until February 1 midnight Central time. I set up a gallery album on Facebook with all the art that is a part of this deal. I photographed each piece with rulers so the sizes would be obvious. Anyone who pledges the postage to get some art sent, gets that art, unless more than one person wants it, then it’s a bidding war and the top bidder will get the art sent to them. Anyone who pledges on art from the specifically assigned gallery has a chance to get a piece of art that was not bid on. So I recommend hitting the like button on anything that catches your fancy too, you know, just in case…

Also, I don’t expect anyone to watch the whole video, but I wanted to show some of the fancy metallic sparkly pieces off with a video because movement brings out the vibrancy that a still photo does not. I ended up showing off the whole pile though so it’s a little long. The cats make appearances too.

If you are interested in art from any other gallery, it might not be available as an original for various reasons. Some of it might be a work in progress or something I still want to play around with. Some of it is digital painting, so there is no physical original. These ones I tend to have prints for sale through Print on Demand sights such as Fine Art America/ Pixels or Redbubble or CafePress. And there are a few pieces that I just can’t give up quite yet. They hold special meaning or I was especially fond of it for some reason. Again I have many for sale as prints and other merchandise on those Print on Demand sights. Some of the line drawings are good for colouring book pages, and some of those digital files end up on my Patreon for a small subscription.


Why, why, why, Why Me?

This song was trying to get stuck in my head. I did not search it out yet it kept popping up on nearly every YouTube generated song list I listened to. Not that I don’t like it. I like it very much, but I never yet had to search it out because I specifically wanted to hear it. The video is such fun too.


Love Love Love

I have mostly been a cynic when it comes to romance. Chick Flicks are not really my thing. Once in college, a friend and I sent out February Friday the 13th cards with a stamp out VD logo. Yet somehow I wound up happily married and have many photographs and art pieces that illustrate love. Well it’s that time of year when media and corporations inundate us with “TELL HER YOU LOVE HER on THIS DAY!” So in case you want to go along with all that, I will share some of my more romantic, lovey dovey, imagery with you 😛

090 Cuddle cat paws fuzzy border

01-Frazier heart you


cuddles approved sepia cats

I Chews You stamp

Will you be Mine Kitten -desaturated colour eye editcuddlecats

kissing fairies- PoD

Kitsune Lovers for print

the Lovers for PoD

Stars carrying the Moon detail 01

True Love til death

leafy heart vibrant

leafy heart v2-Tile

leafy heart invierse pastel

leafy heart v2-inverse colours-Tile

Cephalopod Dance coloured
Cephalopod dancers

Cthulhu Valentine edit


Enjoy love when you find it, any time of year!

Find cards for sale here.



Gimme Gimme Gimme that Swing!

How fun to get Swing music stuck in my head! The electro swing movement has been a sheer joy for me.


Save the Doodles, Save the Art!

I made an inquiry on Facebook about what to do with the growing pile of paper I have with drawings and other art experiments that I need to do something about. I  had enough people show interest in an art rescue project so this is the event.

I do not live close to anyone I know, so I can’t just have someone come over and pick out what they like to take home. So rather than throwing the pile into recycling, and as I can’t afford to mail it out, people will need to send me the postage amount to rescue this art.


Most of the art is from the art challenges I participated in last year of Junicorn, Junefae, Septembird, and Inktober as well as some inspired by Ellen Million’s Sketchfest, the app Sktchy and just stuff that just had to be tried.


To make it as fair as possible I have a gallery on Facebook with an image of each piece of art on the chopping block and anyone can comment on that image to make a pledge for rescuing that piece of art. You are welcome to pledge more than the $10 minimum but I don’t expect you to, except if more than one person wants a piece of art, then I am afraid it becomes a bidding war. Each person with an interest in that piece of art comments on that image with their bid, and the last comment with the highest bid, wins the piece of art. If there is a piece of art that gets no pledges, then not all hope for it is lost. There is a chance it will end up in a random package with one of the other pieces of art as packing material.

I will have the gallery open for pledges for two weeks, so hopefully by then everyone who wants to participate will have had a chance. I will make a final comment on each pledge as to whom I intend to send the art to.

I just want to thank everyone who commented on and liked my original inquiry about getting rid of all this random spare art. It’s because of you I am putting in this effort to save these pieces of paper rather than throwing them into recycling or using as fire starting materials.

This is the link to the event:

and this is the link to the pledging gallery:

How to pay the pledge.

My paypal account is linked to the email address, or email me at that same address and we can make other arrangements.

If you are interested in digital prints, cards and other merchandise, many of my images are available through print on demand services such as Fine Art America/ Pixels, Café Press, Redbubble or Zazzle. If you missed getting a pledge on a piece of art, or I have some art that only exists in digital form, or the original wasn’t available for rescue at this time, this is the next best way to get something I created.

If you like to colour or just want digital copies of some of my images, I share some of my line art each month on Patreon for a small subscription.

Thanks again for your interest in my art!



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