This weekend was Ellen Million Graphics’ Sketchfest.

Quoting from the site:

“What’s Sketch Fest?

Sketch Fest is a 48 hour creative jam session with artists across the world, brought to you by Ellen Million Graphics and many gracious donors. Prompters leave ideas and artists sketch, in any media, whatever catches their fancy. The only rule? Sketches can only be worked on for one hour, during the Sketch Fest event.

I was introduced to Sketchfest from someone on a Facebook group and I have participated off and on since 2012.

This week I took on five prompts:

Seiðkona, The Owl and the Raven, Rainbow coloured cat, Unicorn with a difference, and space nebula.



I worked an hour more or less on each prompt, but went back and did some finishing on the space nebula and Unicorn with a difference.

It’s a fun place to get the creative juices flowing and many a piece has turned into some of my favourite work.

My Sketchfest gallery from 2012 until now is here.

And, if not for Sketchfest I would not have gotten accepted into some of Ellen Million Graphics coloring books. Including Fishtank Fantasies.




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