Our Kitties

The cat I have now is a kitten we got as a part of a pair from the local animal shelter.

06-05-16 at the shelter

We knew we wanted a pair and the two of them were so cute cuddled together we knew we had to get them.  I think they woke up and started yelling at Rocky for us to adopt them when I went out front to start the process. We named them Frazier and Kitten Kaboodle Monster. I felt the grey guy would be Rocky’s buddy and the way he plays with cats I just felt a tribute to that boxing moment when Howard Cosell is yelling “Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier!” would be cute. Rocky was wanting to call the black one Monster, but I for a while now, thought Kaboodle would be a cute kitten name and this seemed the right cat. Then I thought how Kaboodle was kind of similar to Kabuki and then Monster seemed to fit as a second name, so she got them both. Cats really do pick their own people, and Frazier really did pick Rocky, and Kaboodle Monster is definitely mine.

They are now just over a year old.

Kitties in their box

My how they grow.

kitties in the pool jun15-mar16

If I thought I could get away with it I would spam these guys constantly. They are such characters. But for now I will stick with these and a YouTube link to them playing and showing off my shiny floors with their glowing laser eyes.

kitties at kitchen window colour play


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