The Results

Here are the results in the Dryads and Nature Spirits contest I held at Fine Arts America. Thank you all who participated, it was a lot of fun and I learned much about the community and everyone’s wonderful art.

1st Place: Super Awesome!


The Breath Of Spring-Gail Butler

2nd Place with the same number of votes so kind of a co-winner: Very Awesome!


The Tree Fairy-Michael Durst

3rd Place:  Awesome! Also with the same number of votes to each other and the site was switching these two around depending on when I refreshed and looked back so I declare a tie.


Wood Nymph -Kathy Kelly



Greenman-Megan Walsh

Honourable Mentions

To me these pieces embodied what I was asking for when I created the contest and really spoke to me personally.


A Thankless Task… Autumn Leaves – Joe Gilronan


Deep In The Redwood Grove #2 – Daniel Furon

Congratulations to the winners and check out their galleries as they all have some very awesome art!


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