Merfolk and Water Spirits

I am hosting another contest at Fine Arts America. The last one was a fun way to check out new artists and learn more about the FAA community. While I can think of themes, I may be cranking contests out! Anyway this time I want to see the Merfolk and water spirits. Undine,  Selkie, Mermaids and Mermen, Sea Serpents, any creature or spirit related to the element of Water.

Enter up to Three images of original Art.
Any Medium.

Work safe Imagery.

First Prize: Both Hands UP! Woo Hoo!
Second Prize: Whee Ha!
Third Prize: Horray!

I will post any image that places with links on my blog. By entering the contest, you give me permission to do so. If you are not okay with my postings, then please do not enter the contest.

Administration reserves the right to delete any image that does not fit the theme without notice.

Thank you for your participation!



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