Merfolk and Water Spirit Contest Winners

Fine Art America Merfolk and Water Spirit Contest Winners are:


First Place: Both hands up! Whoo Hoo!

Poseidon by Henryk Gorecki

I really am glad he placed first. This really suits the theme and intention of the contest and I have a taste for the hand crafted painterly style of this piece.  Not to mention my weakness for mythological themes.

Second Place: Whee Ha!


Resting On The Rocks At Plum Cove by Eileen Patten Oliver

again a painterly fine art style that I really like so glad it was voted for!

Third Place: Horray!


Healing Sacral Goddess by Carol Cavalaris

A beautiful classic mermaid that fits the theme and intention of the contest and the group that sponsored the contest.

I removed myself and one other person who placed because I don’t want to win and the other person didn’t really fit the theme even though their image was beautiful. One of the advantages/disadvantages of an administrative position. I get to decided who wins and gets a mention but I don’t feel I should use this particular instance to promote my own work as I can do that in other ways at other times.

and this time I would like to mention an honourable mention of:


Deep Sea Creatures by Yelena Tylkina

This one really spoke to me being creepy and painterly. It took the theme and expanded on it, as it was not a typical mermaid image.



Moo Maids by Catherine G McElroy

I liked the composition of the Merchickens better but the title Moo Maids is too funny!

Congratulations to all the winners and mentions! Thank you everyone who participated! There was so much good art I am glad for those who vote and narrow the choices down!

I hope everyone is enjoying these as much as I am!


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