Results are In! Witches and Wizards FFA contest.

The results for the Witches and Wizards contest I hosted on Fine Arts America, are in. I appreciate everyone who participated, it’s you that makes this happen! As a reminder, part of the rules stated that entry into this contest included the permission to post these images. I  do reduce the size and quality, so they should only be useful as representations of the winning entries. There were many ties in this contest, probably because pretty much everything submitted was on theme and so well done, but I went with what I saw when the contest ended, for the rankings.

1st Place: Your Art is Transcendant!


Noche De Los Muertos – Putterhug Studio

2nd Place:This is so Magical!


The Witch Of Endor As A Cavalier – RC deWinter

3rd Place:You’re the Wiz!


Water Wizard – Rick Mosher

Honourable Mention: This is beautiful and to my mind embodies what I was looking for when I created this contest. I have to admit I am also partial to black cats.


Familiar 2015 – Kathryn Strick

Well done everyone and thank you again!


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