Winners of the Mysterious Magical Cat Contest

This was a bit of a tricky and challenging contest in that it seems Mysterious and Magical Cats can have a rather vague interpretation. The votes were very spread out and there were many ties in second and third positions, but there was a clear winner with votes for:

The Cat That Walked By Himself – Iryna Burkova


Earning the 1st Place Prize – Purrfectly Meowverlous!

What can be more mysterious than a black cat peaking out from the shadows? Lovely composition in this beautiful capture.

So to break the ties I am using my administrative authority and I declare

Fairy Kitty – KJ Swan


as Second Place – This is the Cat’s Meow!

Such a whimsical clever cat, looks like she is illustrated straight out of a fairy tale. Perhaps she is a cousin to Puss’n’Boots?

So for third place I am going to call it a tie with

The Cats On Night Watch – Jeffrey Koss



Scarlatti – Jolante Hesse


The kitties cheer! Mew Mew Mew!

and equal in votes so getting honourable mentions are:

Chartreuse – Iryna Burkova


Cat In The Red Hat – Carol Cavalaris


For me personally, if there was a jury of just me, the piece that I liked best and completely fulfilled the concept I was looking for it would be:

Mystical Cat That Brings Good Luck – Sofia Goldberg


This is such a fun image and beautifully rendered, and the title says it all. This Mysterious Cat is Magical.

Probably because I like cats so much I found so many images I really enjoyed in this contest, I wish I could highlight many more. I recommend taking a look through the contest gallery for yourself if you can. In the mean time I will leave you with a few more of my favourites, more because they fit the theme I was looking for in the contest but they also cater to my personal taste as well.

Cosmic Lion – Ken Church


Black Cat Blues – Nick Gustafson


Cat In The Dreaming Hat – Carol Cavalaris


Cheetah – Robert D McBain


Intrigue The Cat – Georgia’s Art Brush


Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest, I hope you all had fun and enjoyed the variety of imagery as much as I did!


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