Titanium is a song by David Guetta featuring Sia.

Rocky got me an Xbox with Kinnect and some games to go with it so I wouldn’t have to go out into the hot heat to get some exercise. We got a package deal with 3 games. We have never had a console before and I only have really played a few PC games, so  I didn’t know which ones to go for so I took the package that sounded like it would help me get moving. One of the games is Dance Central Spotlight. I am not a pop radio music fan. I tend to like alternative stuff and rarely get to hear new music since I don’t listen to any radio. I was thinking the free music they would offer would be the top 40 young whipper snapper styles of music I was avoiding by not listening to the radio. One of the first things I did was find some songs I did like and add them to my playlist. So I pretty much never looked at any of the music I didn’t immediately recognize, so I am not sure what happened a couple of weeks ago that got me to play Titanium. The way to control the game can be a little glitchy so probably what happened was it was the song  the system was default suggesting that day and either I accidentally hit play or I heard enough to get me curious, or I decided what the heck and give it a go. I didn’t immediately go wow I love this song, I was resistant, but obviously liked it enough to try it again another day. Then another day, and now I go to it quite frequently. So now I do get it suck in my head.

In the mean time I came up with a piece I have titled “Illustration of how a song can get stuck in one’s head”



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