Art Contest on Fine Art America – Namaste

I am hosting another  contest on FAA. This time the theme is Namaste. Namaste simply means “I bow to you” but implicitly means so much more.  Just some of the few definitions I found online:

The Divine light in me acknowledges the Divine light in you.
I honour the spirit in you that is also in me.
I honour the sacredness and equality in us all.

So basically I am looking for images that show support for each other. Look beyond our differences. Finding acceptance while still retaining our true selves. Loving the diversity in everyone.

All positive and inspiring images and media are welcome. Just keep it tasteful and work safe please. Thank you and have fun!

I will post the top images on my blog. Posting in the contest gives permission for such promotion, if you do not want the image shared, do not enter the contest 🙂 Thank You!

1st Place: Namaste

2nd Place: Understanding

3rd Place: Acceptance


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