Namaste Art Contest on Fine Art America

So basically I was looking for images that show support for each other.  Looking beyond our differences.  Finding acceptance while still retaining our true selves.  Loving the diversity in everyone.  I also did say all positive and inspiring images and media are welcome, and everyone wins in that they were all positive peace filled images.

The voting process narrowed the winners down to these Three:

First: Shattering The Powers Of Darkness  – Hazel Holland


Second: Spring – Awakening -Henryk Gorecki


Third: Kokopelli – Anna Folkartanna Maciejewska-Dyba


Congratulations you three!  These are all incredible, beautiful paintings.

My personal favourite, the image that spoke to me as the closest to the theme was:

Jubilation by Sarah Batalka



It conveyed the feeling of Namaste, as  I interpret it. Not just a feeling of peace and love, but of interaction with others and accepting differences and recognizing each others’ light. It’s also incredibly cute.

I want to honourably mention these images that also captured my interpretation wonderfully:

East And West – Ira Bansal



Angel Of The Gutter – SOURAV BOSE


Yoga In Times Square – Diane Lent


All-Olivia Tatara



Thank you everyone who participated! Your art is inspirational and beautiful. It shows the light in you for me to clearly see.



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