It’s been photo taking weather.

Not cold, and not too warm and clear sunny days. So I thought I would take you on a photo walk with me.

One of my favourite walks is a park near a creek walking distance from home. It’s nice and shady with sunny spots and in spring so many plants and insects to see. Some of them not until I get home and see them in the photos I took!

So once I got to the park I was admiring the green of the pond so I head closer. So many interesting plants and flowers growing all around. This is one that caught my eye first.

Then there is the pond itself.

Lily pads! I have never really seen proper lily pads. I looked hard for frogs… maybe too hot in the middle of the day for them. Still I didn’t see what was actually lurking there…

DSC_9921 lily pads and spider

Can you see the spider?

Off I go down the path. Shooting anything and everything that catches my eye. From more flowers, to the path with the trees and sky.

I was hoping maybe to capture some butterflies or dragonflies. They move so quickly and are so hard to get close enough for a good shot, but I persevered.

I continued taking shots of more flowers, and came across more insects.

This guy I didn’t get a great shot of, I tried to get too close and he moved faster than I imagined he would and disappeared. I don’t think I have ever seen something so iridescent green in the wild before.

DSC_0345 six-spotted green tiger beetle
Six-Spotted Green Tiger Beetle

There were other critters playing hide and seek as well. These two I saw move so I knew they were there. The first shot has a butterfly in it. The second, there is some kind of grasshopper or katydid.

DSC_0292 butterfly camo

DSC_0405 there is a bug in here

Then there is this shot I was taking of the bee on a dandelion. I didn’t know until I was looking at the pictures at home there was something else there too. Hard to tell what it was, but from the bits I can see I am guessing a grasshopper or katydid of some kind.


DSC_0383 bee and bug on dandelion

Then there is this one. Couldn’t have missed it! It was HUGE, for a bug. I am not sure what it was. About 2-3 inches or so long. I thought at first a bumble bee but it’s so big and not quite right. Then I wondered if it could be a moth of some kind. Never did figure it out.

DSC_0771 bumblebee or moth

Heading back home I found a couple more sights to point my camera at and got these.

All in all, one of my better days for good clear shots. I recently had the camera cleaned, so that probably helped.

I really enjoy the long walks and the weather in the early spring here in North Texas. I can’t handle the heat of summer, so there won’t be as many walks then. Spring has all the new life and fresh growth going for it too.

So back home I go through over 900 shots, deleted it down to 699, named 278 that I liked, narrowed those down to 111 of the very best, then down again to the best of the best of best sir, of  the 36 I posted here.

Anyway, that’s a glimpse into part of my process when I put on my photography hat. I hope you enjoy!


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