Beyond Beauty and into the Mystic

I host a little group on Fine Art America. I hoped to gather together art and inspiration from people with a similar mind set as me. It’s a big topic very open to interpretation. Many folks find their spirituality in many different things. The main theme I seem to have noticed is Beauty. Pretty much all the images submitted into this group have been beautiful in one way or another. Very inspiring. Too inspiring!! I have felt the need to narrow the scope of the group and have been removing images that are more or less  mundane, just simply beautiful or fun. I wanted to collect images that invoke a sense of magic, myth and spirituality. Hence the title of the group.

So with these thoughts in mind I am hosting another contest. I am looking for evocative images that have that touch of magic, that connection to myth fairy stories or folklore. Spiritual images that can invoke a sense of awe, without words of explanation, that move beyond beauty and into the mystical.

Submissions can be in any medium. Much of the photography and life paintings I see may fall under just beautiful, so be aware, unless the subject matter really invokes something deeper and beyond beauty, it maybe removed from the contest. Also abstracts, I really enjoy many abstracts and so many are created with passion and spirituality but they are some of the hardest to interpret and I tend to feel so many fall into the category of just beautiful. Interesting, but simply just beautiful and therefore may not fall under the interpretation of the guidelines.

I know I have been a little long winded here for a simple little for fun contest and I apologize, but I would like see more entries with some thought put into the submission and less “It’s a contest! Here’s my Art!” spam.

This contest is sponsored by the Group Myth Magic and Spirituality and as such I will only accept images to this contest that I would also allow into the group. With that in mind, you are most welcome to submit to and participate to the group as well!

Again, all images and media are welcome but still keeping the guidelines in mind. Also for this contest I would like the images to speak for themselves, so I request there to be NO TEXT on the art work this time.

Keep it tasteful and work safe please. Thank you and have fun!

Find the contest page here.

I will post the top images on my blog. Posting here gives permission for such promotion, if you do not want the image shared, do not enter the contest 🙂 Thank You!

1st Place: Your Art is Transcendent!

2nd Place: This is Mystical Magical!

3rd Place: Beyond Beautiful!


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