Art Contest on FAA – The other kind of Angels

To quote from the John Travolta movie “Michael” “I’m not that kind of angel.” When they were questioning him about halos and inner light. So if it’s not all love and fluffy bunnies, wings and halos, what kind of angel are we looking for? That’s what I am looking for. Post your images of the warrior Angels, the fallen Angels, the nature Angels, the sorrow Angels, forgotten Angels, mis-labeled Angels, the no BS Angels. I am not looking for cherubs with flowers embracing Aphrodite here, yet if a cherub was part of a motorcycle gang, then that could work.

All images and mediums are accepted. Keep it tasteful and work safe please. Thank you and have fun!

Please only submit your own art.

I will post the top images on my blog. Posting here gives permission for such promotion, if you do not want the image shared, do not enter the contest 🙂 Thank You!

1st Place: This is Angelic!

2nd Place: Heaven sent!

3rd Place: Awesome!

contest link:


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