Love Love Love

I have mostly been a cynic when it comes to romance. Chick Flicks are not really my thing. Once in college, a friend and I sent out February Friday the 13th cards with a stamp out VD logo. Yet somehow I wound up happily married and have many photographs and art pieces that illustrate love. Well it’s that time of year when media and corporations inundate us with “TELL HER YOU LOVE HER on THIS DAY!” So in case you want to go along with all that, I will share some of my more romantic, lovey dovey, imagery with you 😛

090 Cuddle cat paws fuzzy border

01-Frazier heart you


cuddles approved sepia cats

I Chews You stamp

Will you be Mine Kitten -desaturated colour eye editcuddlecats

kissing fairies- PoD

Kitsune Lovers for print

the Lovers for PoD

Stars carrying the Moon detail 01

True Love til death

leafy heart vibrant

leafy heart v2-Tile

leafy heart invierse pastel

leafy heart v2-inverse colours-Tile

Cephalopod Dance coloured
Cephalopod dancers

Cthulhu Valentine edit


Enjoy love when you find it, any time of year!

Find cards for sale here.



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