Angel Art Contest on FAA complete

and the winners are:

First Place- This is Angelic

Miserere by Nathalie Chavieve

Miserere-Nathalie Chavieve

Second Place- Heaven sent!

Spirit Guide by Michael Durst

Spirit Guide-Michael Durst

Third Place- Awesome!

Celestial Glory by Michael Durst

Celestial Glory-Michael Durst

Congratulations Michael on snagging the 2nd and 3rd place positions!

Everyone submitted beautiful work and I think the voting did show the best in the theme set.

A couple other favourites of mine for honourable mention:

Archangel Michael by Maya Gusarina


Being Of Light by K S Rankin

Being of Light-Karen Rankin

Tortured by Josh Hertzenberg

Tortured-Josh Hertzenberg

Angel Cloud by Marty Fancy because who doesn’t see angels in the clouds sometimes.

Angel Cloud-Marty Fancy

Thanks to everyone who participated!