Beyond Beauty and into the Mystic Contest Winners

The contest I hosted on Fine Art America for the group Myth Magic and Spirituality has come to a close. I was more ruthless in allowing images into this contest than I have been before in hosting a contest, perhaps too ruthless in some cases, but not ruthless enough in others. The voting is concluded and the results are in and there was a four way tie for first! So since there are ties in the 2nd and third place positions and I don’t want to have to post every contest entry here, I am using my administrative prerogative and assigning the placements as follows:

1st Place: Your Art is Transcendent!

Love Written In The Stars – Michael Durst

01 Love Written In The Stars-Michael Durst

2nd Place: This is Mystical Magical!

Angel – Elena Oleniuc

03 Angel by Elena Oleniuc

3rd Place: Beyond Beautiful!

A Thankless Task… Autumn Leaves – Joe Gilronan

02 A Thankless Task... Autumn Leaves-Joe Gilronan

Honourable mention

I See Dragons – Terri Waters

01 I see dragons byTerri Waters


Then I have chosen I few that I really liked and felt really fit the intention of the theme, for administrators honourable mentions:

Sharing The Stardust – Randy Burns

Sharing The Stardust-Randy Burns

She Carries The Spirit – Joe Triano

She Carries The Spirit by Joe Triano

Spirit Horse Totem – Sherry Shipley

Spirit Horse Totem by Sherry Shipley

Alcmene And Child The Herculean Madonna  – Drew

Alcmene And Child The Herculean Madonna by Drew

Thank you everyone who participated! Welcome to everyone who have joined our group.

Outer Space – Inner Space FAA contest Winners.

There was many interesting pieces entered into this contest and most were right on point with my imaginings about the subject. Well done everyone!

1st Place Prize: Your Art is Transcendent!

Celestial Sunflowers by Carol Cavalaris



2nd Place Prize: To Infinity and Beyond!

The Space Traveler by Ali Oppy



3rd Place Prize: Over the Moon!

Way To Blue – Moon In Keyhole by Daniel Furon


Honourable Mentions picked by me:

Rider On The Wheel by Saleires Art


I Want To Look Inside Your Head by Juli Scalzi


Gallactic Sunrise by Bill Wakeley


Through His Eyes by Kimberly Lavelle


Thank you everyone who participated and see you next time!


New Year, New Contest.

Starting the New Year with another Fine Art America contest. This one’s theme is:

Outer Space and/or Inner Space
Dimensions beyond.

All images and media are welcome. Just keep it tasteful and work safe please. Thank you and have fun!

I will post the top images on my blog. Posting here gives permission for such promotion, if you do not want the image shared, do not enter the contest. Thank You!
1st Place: Your Art is Transcendent!

2nd Place: To Infinity and Beyond!

3rd Place: Over the Moon!

The Fae Nebula small

Winners of the Mysterious Magical Cat Contest

This was a bit of a tricky and challenging contest in that it seems Mysterious and Magical Cats can have a rather vague interpretation. The votes were very spread out and there were many ties in second and third positions, but there was a clear winner with votes for:

The Cat That Walked By Himself – Iryna Burkova


Earning the 1st Place Prize – Purrfectly Meowverlous!

What can be more mysterious than a black cat peaking out from the shadows? Lovely composition in this beautiful capture.

So to break the ties I am using my administrative authority and I declare

Fairy Kitty – KJ Swan


as Second Place – This is the Cat’s Meow!

Such a whimsical clever cat, looks like she is illustrated straight out of a fairy tale. Perhaps she is a cousin to Puss’n’Boots?

So for third place I am going to call it a tie with

The Cats On Night Watch – Jeffrey Koss



Scarlatti – Jolante Hesse


The kitties cheer! Mew Mew Mew!

and equal in votes so getting honourable mentions are:

Chartreuse – Iryna Burkova


Cat In The Red Hat – Carol Cavalaris


For me personally, if there was a jury of just me, the piece that I liked best and completely fulfilled the concept I was looking for it would be:

Mystical Cat That Brings Good Luck – Sofia Goldberg


This is such a fun image and beautifully rendered, and the title says it all. This Mysterious Cat is Magical.

Probably because I like cats so much I found so many images I really enjoyed in this contest, I wish I could highlight many more. I recommend taking a look through the contest gallery for yourself if you can. In the mean time I will leave you with a few more of my favourites, more because they fit the theme I was looking for in the contest but they also cater to my personal taste as well.

Cosmic Lion – Ken Church


Black Cat Blues – Nick Gustafson


Cat In The Dreaming Hat – Carol Cavalaris


Cheetah – Robert D McBain


Intrigue The Cat – Georgia’s Art Brush


Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest, I hope you all had fun and enjoyed the variety of imagery as much as I did!

Mysterious Magical Cats Fine Art America Contest

This time the theme is those Mysterious Magical Cats. I love cats and I know many of you do too but for this contest I want to see more than just cute cat images. I want to see the mysterious and magical side of the feline. So if it shows a witch’s familiar, then show the witch or the paraphernalia of magic along with the cat. Maybe the cat is more than a cat. Maybe it’s a feline hybrid, like a Griffon or Astrological like a Leo symbol. I apologize in advance but if the image doesn’t have more than just a cat, then I will  remove it. I want to see what makes the cat so mysterious and magical.  If the image doesn’t have something feline about it, then it will also be removed. Other than that, all images and media are welcome. Just keep it tasteful and work safe please. Thank you and have fun!


Results are In! Witches and Wizards FFA contest.

The results for the Witches and Wizards contest I hosted on Fine Arts America, are in. I appreciate everyone who participated, it’s you that makes this happen! As a reminder, part of the rules stated that entry into this contest included the permission to post these images. I  do reduce the size and quality, so they should only be useful as representations of the winning entries. There were many ties in this contest, probably because pretty much everything submitted was on theme and so well done, but I went with what I saw when the contest ended, for the rankings.

1st Place: Your Art is Transcendant!


Noche De Los Muertos – Putterhug Studio

2nd Place:This is so Magical!


The Witch Of Endor As A Cavalier – RC deWinter

3rd Place:You’re the Wiz!


Water Wizard – Rick Mosher

Honourable Mention: This is beautiful and to my mind embodies what I was looking for when I created this contest. I have to admit I am also partial to black cats.


Familiar 2015 – Kathryn Strick

Well done everyone and thank you again!