May Sketch Fest

May 18-20 was Ellen Million’s Sketchfest. I am slow posting my images this month because I wanted to work more to get a semblance of more finished looking work, and one especially was troublesome. I was experimenting with a resist product, and trying to get a water colour feel for a couple of them. The witch one, I probably over worked and may over work it some more, but the gist of this is I was delayed, but I am now posting what progress I have. Because it is May, and for most of the month I have been focusing on participating with #mermay, my drawings are all mermaids. The prompts I chose were

Star Song

Song to the Stars painted-small

Witch of your choice

020 Mermay 20 sktchy mermaid-small

Mermaid – angler fish

angler fish mermaid small

I have almost a months worth of more mermaids I drew for #mermay that I will post in a couple of days, so if you like mermaids, stay tuned!


The last two EMGSketchfests

I only got a couple images started in the last 2 #EMGSketchfests and only one in each to any kind of finished state. I blame it on the cat. She likes to sit on me when I work on the computer or sit in the computer chair. Anyway! This is what I got to show. For March I drew the prompts “Dragons in Flight”  and “Raven Moon” which were really rough quick light sketches, but the Raven one I did work further on, and then digitally later I worked some more.

For April I worked on the prompts “Siren” and “Black Lines” I played with the black line image digitally and came up with a couple fun variations.




Save the Doodles Event Ongoing!

The sale on pieces of paper with drawings on them is ongoing on Facebook until February 1 midnight Central time. I set up a gallery album on Facebook with all the art that is a part of this deal. I photographed each piece with rulers so the sizes would be obvious. Anyone who pledges the postage to get some art sent, gets that art, unless more than one person wants it, then it’s a bidding war and the top bidder will get the art sent to them. Anyone who pledges on art from the specifically assigned gallery has a chance to get a piece of art that was not bid on. So I recommend hitting the like button on anything that catches your fancy too, you know, just in case…

Also, I don’t expect anyone to watch the whole video, but I wanted to show some of the fancy metallic sparkly pieces off with a video because movement brings out the vibrancy that a still photo does not. I ended up showing off the whole pile though so it’s a little long. The cats make appearances too.

If you are interested in art from any other gallery, it might not be available as an original for various reasons. Some of it might be a work in progress or something I still want to play around with. Some of it is digital painting, so there is no physical original. These ones I tend to have prints for sale through Print on Demand sights such as Fine Art America/ Pixels or Redbubble or CafePress. And there are a few pieces that I just can’t give up quite yet. They hold special meaning or I was especially fond of it for some reason. Again I have many for sale as prints and other merchandise on those Print on Demand sights. Some of the line drawings are good for colouring book pages, and some of those digital files end up on my Patreon for a small subscription.

Sketchfest Again

Ellen hosted a second Sketchfest at the end of December so here is another set of drawings from #EMGSketchfest 95!

I was drawn to the dragon prompts this time it seems. I chose Dragon of Ice and Stars, Snow Dragon, Bird Dragon and Galaxy Dragon. Various levels of doneness. I spent only an hour on the Dragon of Ice and Stars. I worked after the hour on the Snow Dragon and Bird Dragon, but I think I would like to do more with them, and I finished the Galaxy Dragon. The Galaxy Dragon is multimedia. I started out with a light graphite sketch and then  dipping ink wash. Then I used acrylics like water colours, then some metallic gem dust, a bit of pencil crayon and metallic markers are in there too. It’s very shiny sparkly in person.

Anyway, this is what I have to share for now!

sketchfest 95 collage



Sketchfest 94

This weekend was another Sketchfest. #EMGSketchFest94. So I finished my sketches over the last couple of days and here is what I came up with this time:

ice eyed snow leopard-small
Ice-Eyed Snow Leopard, done with pencil crayons and a metallic ink wash.
ice unicorn small
Winter Frost Unicorn
sea unicorn-small
Sea Unicorn, or I am subtitling Hippocampicorn.
Winter Fae small
Winter Fae
winter moon-small
Winter Stag Moon

Sketchfest 93

This weekend was another Sketchfest. #EMGSketchFest93. I worked on four prompts this time. Fox and Raven under the Moon, Starling and the Fairy, Majestic Deer, and Ice Wraith.

emgsketchfest 93 sketch collage

And I got 2 into fairly finished states. I took a picture of the ice wraith at an angle to try and show how shiny and sparkly she is.

emgsketchfest 93 finished collage

Thanks to Ellen Million for hosting this amazing monthly event and for featuring my Fox and Raven in her blog!

September Sketchfest

#EMGSketchFest 91 was this weekend. I did 3 prompts and have finished line drawings of 2. How productive was I? Prompts were: Collector of ____ , Harvest Moon, and Witch Queen. I tried using a vintage photo of a real European Noble from Victorian times as inspiration, but it was tricky so we’ll see if I do more work on the Witch Queen. The Collector of Keys and Harvest Moon images are done up to colouring page status. We’ll see if I do add colour to those one day.

August Sketchfest

Took part in Ellen Million’s Sketchfest again. Always fun and inspiring. The Eclipse seemed to be a popular prompt again this month and I got 2 drawings from that, one of which I played with colouring in GIMP, plus a couple more.

Prompts were Eclipse Dragon, My Black Cat, Beautiful Beast, and Total Eclipse.Sketchfest 90 aug 2017

And Ellen featured my Beast on her blog too! thank you Ellen 🙂

July Sketchfest

This month’s Sketchfest was July 21,22, and 23rd, and I was struggling with this one. The prompts I worked on were Abyssal Mermaid, Butterfly Dreams, and Solar Eclipse.

I was most happy with Butterfly dreams, but I would have to say most inspired by Solar Eclipse because I decided to redo it a couple of times over the last couple of days.

I did the extra Sun/Moon images on water colour paper, so perhaps one day I will work on coloured versions.

Sunface Moonface eclipse-small for webSunface Moonface eclipse v2-small for web

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