Sketchfest Fun

This past weekend was Ellen Million Graphics SketchFest 85 and this time I got 4 images in. Here’s what I got done within the hour time limit for each prompt:

The prompts were: Djinn Fashion, Beautiful Monster, Ellen’s Enchanted Frog, and  Shoggoth in the Kitchen.

sketchfest 85-1 hour

I went back after the hour and worked some more on three of them:

djinn haute couture v2-blue shift-small


beautiful monster-smallshoggoth in the kitchen01-small


So there’s that. Enjoy!

My full sketchfest Gallery can be seen here.

The last three Sketchfests

This weekend was another of Ellen Million’s Sketchfest. I very much enjoy participating how and when I can. I haven’t posted from the last couple I participated in so I figured I would combine the last 3 events into one post. So here goes:

November 2016

The prompts were: Willow Song and Wood Witch


December 2016

The prompts were: Creepy Mermaiden and Winter Fairy Queen


January 2017

The prompts were: King Thrushbeard and Winter Frost Dragon


What does the Fox say?

Mom and I were talking about animal noises. Particularly donkeys that were not fed, and how sweetly they sing. I found out she didn’t know about “What does the Fox Say?” so I showed her the video, then it was stuck in my head. I do like foxes. They are very pretty animals. Here are some of my images:


Arctic Fox at Denver Zoo reacting to Rocky’s request to pose for the camera.


Kitsune Lovers:

Magical Foxes
Devoted to Each Other
Little Gifts bring Joy


Sketchfest prompt