Sketchfest 93

This weekend was another Sketchfest. #EMGSketchFest93. I worked on four prompts this time. Fox and Raven under the Moon, Starling and the Fairy, Majestic Deer, and Ice Wraith.

emgsketchfest 93 sketch collage

And I got 2 into fairly finished states. I took a picture of the ice wraith at an angle to try and show how shiny and sparkly she is.

emgsketchfest 93 finished collage

Thanks to Ellen Million for hosting this amazing monthly event and for featuring my Fox and Raven in her blog!


September Sketchfest

#EMGSketchFest 91 was this weekend. I did 3 prompts and have finished line drawings of 2. How productive was I? Prompts were: Collector of ____ , Harvest Moon, and Witch Queen. I tried using a vintage photo of a real European Noble from Victorian times as inspiration, but it was tricky so we’ll see if I do more work on the Witch Queen. The Collector of Keys and Harvest Moon images are done up to colouring page status. We’ll see if I do add colour to those one day.

August Sketchfest

Took part in Ellen Million’s Sketchfest again. Always fun and inspiring. The Eclipse seemed to be a popular prompt again this month and I got 2 drawings from that, one of which I played with colouring in GIMP, plus a couple more.

Prompts were Eclipse Dragon, My Black Cat, Beautiful Beast, and Total Eclipse.Sketchfest 90 aug 2017

And Ellen featured my Beast on her blog too! thank you Ellen 🙂

July Sketchfest

This month’s Sketchfest was July 21,22, and 23rd, and I was struggling with this one. The prompts I worked on were Abyssal Mermaid, Butterfly Dreams, and Solar Eclipse.

I was most happy with Butterfly dreams, but I would have to say most inspired by Solar Eclipse because I decided to redo it a couple of times over the last couple of days.

I did the extra Sun/Moon images on water colour paper, so perhaps one day I will work on coloured versions.

Sunface Moonface eclipse-small for webSunface Moonface eclipse v2-small for web

June Sketchfest

I missed posting my June Sketchfest contributions. I have been working on a month long project with the internet art challenges #juneicorn and #junefae, which I hope to post about when I get that organized, but it distracted me from posting my Sketchfest 88 contributions. Because I was working on Unicorns and Faeries most of my prompts reflect that, as I planned to used them for the challenges too. The prompts I chose were Dragoonicorn, Being of Light, Winged Unicorn, Litha and A snow-unicorn stomp. They are in varying stages of completeness.

sketchfest88 compilation

Sketchfest 86

A week ago it was Sketchfest. I know I am late. I kinda hoped I would do some more work on these. Instead I am late and will share what I got done. The Prompts were colourful potion and foxy lady.


The last three Sketchfests

This weekend was another of Ellen Million’s Sketchfest. I very much enjoy participating how and when I can. I haven’t posted from the last couple I participated in so I figured I would combine the last 3 events into one post. So here goes:

November 2016

The prompts were: Willow Song and Wood Witch


December 2016

The prompts were: Creepy Mermaiden and Winter Fairy Queen


January 2017

The prompts were: King Thrushbeard and Winter Frost Dragon


What does the Fox say?

Mom and I were talking about animal noises. Particularly donkeys that were not fed, and how sweetly they sing. I found out she didn’t know about “What does the Fox Say?” so I showed her the video, then it was stuck in my head. I do like foxes. They are very pretty animals. Here are some of my images:


Arctic Fox at Denver Zoo reacting to Rocky’s request to pose for the camera.


Kitsune Lovers:

Magical Foxes
Devoted to Each Other
Little Gifts bring Joy


Sketchfest prompt

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