The last two EMGSketchfests

I only got a couple images started in the last 2 #EMGSketchfests and only one in each to any kind of finished state. I blame it on the cat. She likes to sit on me when I work on the computer or sit in the computer chair. Anyway! This is what I got to show. For March I drew the prompts “Dragons in Flight”  and “Raven Moon” which were really rough quick light sketches, but the Raven one I did work further on, and then digitally later I worked some more.

For April I worked on the prompts “Siren” and “Black Lines” I played with the black line image digitally and came up with a couple fun variations.





You Just haven’t Earned the Humbling River

Today I am sharing 2 earworms because I woke up twice today. The first time was way too early when the car horn was accidentally set off and the second one was when I woke up properly.

The first was Kirsty MacColl’s cover of  “You Just Haven’t Earned it Yet Baby”

and the second was Pucifer “The Humbling River”

river and trees2


Today’s earworm was another Gary Numan. I am really happy to have rediscovered his music. This is the one stuck in my head today.


Hey Ho

This time the song wouldn’t get out of my head as I tried to go to sleep. I thought if I woke up and it was still playing I would share it. It wasn’t, but when I thought about it and remembered it was there the night before it lodged it’s self back in. So sharing it!

Shake Your Bacon!

Woke up with a song in my head this morning. I hadn’t been listening to music as much lately and the lack of earworms was showing. I’m tired of the playlist on my phone. Must update that… anyway I did have a YouTube listening binge as I worked on an art project, so that must have kick started the earworm generating portion of the brain for me. Last night I was pretty sure it was going to be something from Lyndsey Stirling but I woke up with a Peter Fox song instead.

It’s German so I don’t understand the lyrics, but it’s sure fun to dance to, as anyone who has been exposed to the witches dancing video can attest too!


Happy Spring!

The trees are in bloom and the air is warm. It’s spring. I started a garden this year. We’ll see how that goes! Mostly some herbs but I do have some spaghetti squash showing some leaves and my one tomato plant is getting tall and the kale is getting bigger too. I did plant some zucchini from seed and some basil I should have done some starters instead of planting straight into the garden but I got all excited about having a garden this year. We splurged on some yard work when Rocky got a bonus this year from work and part of that was a raised garden bed. Hope when the heat hits I won’t regret this ambition.

planted garden

I found a drawing I did last year celebrating the spring. It’s a line drawing intended to colour with the intent of bringing in positivity and relaxation. I am sharing a high quality download with any of my patrons on Patreon 🙂 Enjoy!

a celebration of spring-small

Selling Original Art

I have been loath to sell off my art. I get attached. The problem is it just sits in boxes and drawers, never to be seen. Recently I decided to get rid of a bunch of paper for the cost of shipping it to anyone willing to pay for said shipping and I discovered it was a thing I could manage. Packing and shipping art isn’t so bad. So I am offering up a new batch of art for sale. This time it is pieces that I won’t mind holding onto if it never gets sold. I won’t let these pieces go for merely the shipping costs, and even though I found it doable, it did take time I never accounted for in my pricing. So this is real art for real prices. There is no bidding or time limit. If you want a piece let me know and I will ship it for the listed cost.* There are letter sized paper drawings all the way up to large acrylic paintings. These are pieces I am pretty happy with and I am proud of each of these pieces. The gallery for this art is currently on Facebook at:

*possible negotiations considered by each individual piece of art.

Nothing Else Matters

Woke up with this song prominently singing itself through my brain. Typical girl liking the slow song of a heavy metal band the best. But this really is such an awesome song. I like Metallica, I like their heavy stuff too. It’s just this song is so full of passion artistry and meaning. It shows off many reasons why they are such a good band with the longevity they have had.

Another thing that shows off how Metallica is a musically awesome band is the show they did with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. I like the whole S&M (Symphony and Metallica) album, all the music melds well with the orchestral additions. So here is that version too.

The reason, most likely, this song was stuck in my head, is that I have been listening to a very interesting instrumental cover lately. Nothing says heavy metal like renaissance lute.

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