I had a dream once, a while ago now, where it was a post zombie apocalypse world. I was in a job interview, and the lady doing the interview asked if I had anything else to add. I felt I should confess, and I admitted, “well, I have shot a few people in the head.” She replied “Well, I don’t know very many people who haven’t.”

We finished season 3 of iZombie a few days ago but the theme song is still running through my head. Such a fun show. I didn’t know what to expect and there are so many zombie related shows out there and many of my zombie related dreams are not entertaining, but Rocky had a coworker tell him about this one so we gave it a try. Kind of campy, definitely comic book, and I have a weakness for things comic book.

The whole song is pretty cool.

The show utilizes music well, and I like much of the music they use throughout the series. I can’t remember if they have used  The Cramps “Zombie Dance”  yet. My favourite zombie related song.

EDIT: I found out later after I posted this blog entry, that George A. Romero has passed away. As father of the zombie movie this post seems kind of a tribute to him. Funny that my favourite movie of his is Knight Riders, a tale of Knights of King Arthur, but with motorbikes. It stars Ed Harris and has no zombies. R.I.P Mr. Romero.


JuneFae and Juneicorn

Last year I saw people I follow on Facebook and Instagram tagging some sketches with #junefae and #juneicorn and it looked like they were having some fun. I wasn’t sure if it was a specific thing where people in the know could go to participate or needed an invite, who it was affiliated with or anything. This year I figured, I don’t know how to find this stuff out, it seems to be a free for all, so I am just going to challenge myself and participate in my own way. So I did. I managed a fairy and a unicorn for every day of June and a couple extras that I didn’t like at the time and started over, but decided to polish them up a bit and share anyway. I am not happy with every sketch I did. Some are rush jobs, some are experiments that didn’t really work out to my taste. On the other hand I did get a few images I like and can work with. I worked in various styles and sizes with various materials. Some are done, some are works in progress, and others are just going into the idea file or the lesson learned file (yes, the trash, I do throw out some things I make). I found some coloured pencils that had multicoloured lead that I tried out for the first time. I also worked on grey toned paper, which is something I hadn’t really done, and found I really liked. Some of my usual kind of work with the inked line drawings, I hope may one day be colouring pages or something I may work on more to become a coloured image. So here I present in a collage, all the sketches I did over the month of June!

All the Junefae and Juneicorn

June Sketchfest

I missed posting my June Sketchfest contributions. I have been working on a month long project with the internet art challenges #juneicorn and #junefae, which I hope to post about when I get that organized, but it distracted me from posting my Sketchfest 88 contributions. Because I was working on Unicorns and Faeries most of my prompts reflect that, as I planned to used them for the challenges too. The prompts I chose were Dragoonicorn, Being of Light, Winged Unicorn, Litha and A snow-unicorn stomp. They are in varying stages of completeness.

sketchfest88 compilation

I need a change…

Are we given ear worms for a purpose? Is there a hidden message somewhere in repetition of a line of a song, or the title of the song? I don’t know, maybe I do need a change, but I don’t know what kind or how.

Today’s earworm is brought to us by the Yoshida Brothers and their collaboration with Monkey Majik. I first heard the Yoshida Brothers on the Nightmare Before Christmas tribute album with the song Nabbed. I really like the sound of the instrument they play, the shamisen, so of course an internet search for more of their music brought me to the video on YouTube with the band Monkey Majik, whom I have never heard of before and in spite of the rapping I really found I liked their song Change. The video with everyone wearing fox masks fascinated me as well.

So whether or not I need a change, I thought I would share this song that was stuck in my head this morning.


A source of Inspiration.

We all have many. Mine can come from nature, from dreams, from cats and animals, from friends and family. Today I am going to share the closest. My Husband Rocky. He is wise and funny and his support is what keeps me going. His brand of silliness is a never ending font of ideas. He also has a kind of vision that can see past the fluff and into the beyond. He will never cease to amaze and inspire me.

Here are some examples of the things I’ve done for him or have been inspired by him:

No More Eels in the Hovercraft-small

the bowling gods
The whole bowling team participated but Rocky named most of these.

Just No Money in Lawful GoodCloaky -merged style-newsprinted-400dps blue backing-smallwarning angel smallAnnalise 01 small


I think it is time to learn how to make pesto.

I don’t really feel like I have much of a green thumb, but a couple of years ago I planted some basil. I mostly didn’t want to pay the price to get the little bit in the plastic container from the grocery store every time I wanted caprese salad. Since I planted the basil I have had more delicious caprese salads and they all have way more basil in them which is also so much fresher and tastier now.

IMG_4438 caprese salad with greens-small
Caprese salad with spring greens and balsamic vinegrette.

Then last year I split it up and put it into more and bigger planters and pots. I have never had a food processor so I never got around to trying pesto, even though I like it very much, but looking at my kitchen window ledge, I think it’s time to do more than the occasional caprese salad with the basil.

IMG_7358 basil-small

So I looked up making pesto without a food processor, and found not only is it possible, but the best way seems to be with a mortar and pestle. Makes sense, as that would have been the way to do it before food processors. I have wanted one for a while but I didn’t really feel a strong need, but now with that in mind I started researching where to get them.

They don’t seem to be an overly common kitchen item. I did see online that Bed Bath and Beyond carried them, and as I wanted a new top cover for the bed I thought I would see what they had in store. I looked and looked. I went up and down all the kitchen related isles. As I was about to give up, a worker asked me if I needed help finding anything. I said, “a mortar and pestle?”  She said “A what?” I said, “a mortar and pestle” and mimed using it. She said “Ah, I don’t think we have those, try online.” I thanked her and went on my way. I found a quilt I wanted on sale so I took that to the counter to pay for it. The sales person there asked me if I found everything okay. I said “yes, mostly.” She then asked what it was I didn’t find. I said “a mortar and pestle.” She said “a what? Is that a name brand?” Before I could role my eyes, another sales person who had over heard this exchange, who seemed a little more knowledgeable, said “We have mortar and pestles” and went off to find one. I followed and she had trouble finding one too. Just as she paged someone to verify one was actually in the store, she spied it. One lonely box hiding on the bottom shelf. So after all that I got me a mortar and pestle!

IMG_7362 mortor and pestle-small

So the next step. Make it. I bought all the other needed ingredients when I knew I was going to make pesto. I decided I was not in the mood for pasta and I like squash so I wondered if spaghetti squash would work with pesto so I decided to experiment. Taking chances. I pounded up a batch of pesto, and baked me a spaghetti squash, mixed the two together and yum. Dinner!

I used a piece of rustic seedy bread to help me clean out the mortar, Oh my that’s the way to do it!

IMG_7443 pesto spaghetti sauce-small


Another Sketchfest has come and gone.

For May’s Sketchfest#87 I drew 3 prompts: The best cat ears, Heraldry-style iridescent unicorn and the approaching storm clouds look alive.

This is what I got done working an hour on each prompt:

Sketchfest 87 1hour prompts

I worked on all three this week into a more finished state and got these:

A study of cat ears-smallHeraldic style Unicorn-iredescent-smallShe is the Storm-edit-small

I played around even more digitally with the cat ears and came up with this:

A study of cat ears-green edit-small posting size

As usual I had much fun. Thanks to Ellen Million Graphics for setting up such an inspiring event each month!