Save the Doodles, Save the Art!

I made an inquiry on Facebook about what to do with the growing pile of paper I have with drawings and other art experiments that I need to do something about. I  had enough people show interest in an art rescue project so this is the event.

I do not live close to anyone I know, so I can’t just have someone come over and pick out what they like to take home. So rather than throwing the pile into recycling, and as I can’t afford to mail it out, people will need to send me the postage amount to rescue this art.


Most of the art is from the art challenges I participated in last year of Junicorn, Junefae, Septembird, and Inktober as well as some inspired by Ellen Million’s Sketchfest, the app Sktchy and just stuff that just had to be tried.


To make it as fair as possible I have a gallery on Facebook with an image of each piece of art on the chopping block and anyone can comment on that image to make a pledge for rescuing that piece of art. You are welcome to pledge more than the $10 minimum but I don’t expect you to, except if more than one person wants a piece of art, then I am afraid it becomes a bidding war. Each person with an interest in that piece of art comments on that image with their bid, and the last comment with the highest bid, wins the piece of art. If there is a piece of art that gets no pledges, then not all hope for it is lost. There is a chance it will end up in a random package with one of the other pieces of art as packing material.

I will have the gallery open for pledges for two weeks, so hopefully by then everyone who wants to participate will have had a chance. I will make a final comment on each pledge as to whom I intend to send the art to.

I just want to thank everyone who commented on and liked my original inquiry about getting rid of all this random spare art. It’s because of you I am putting in this effort to save these pieces of paper rather than throwing them into recycling or using as fire starting materials.

This is the link to the event:

and this is the link to the pledging gallery:

How to pay the pledge.

My paypal account is linked to the email address, or email me at that same address and we can make other arrangements.

If you are interested in digital prints, cards and other merchandise, many of my images are available through print on demand services such as Fine Art America/ Pixels, Café Press, Redbubble or Zazzle. If you missed getting a pledge on a piece of art, or I have some art that only exists in digital form, or the original wasn’t available for rescue at this time, this is the next best way to get something I created.

If you like to colour or just want digital copies of some of my images, I share some of my line art each month on Patreon for a small subscription.

Thanks again for your interest in my art!



Sketchfest Again

Ellen hosted a second Sketchfest at the end of December so here is another set of drawings from #EMGSketchfest 95!

I was drawn to the dragon prompts this time it seems. I chose Dragon of Ice and Stars, Snow Dragon, Bird Dragon and Galaxy Dragon. Various levels of doneness. I spent only an hour on the Dragon of Ice and Stars. I worked after the hour on the Snow Dragon and Bird Dragon, but I think I would like to do more with them, and I finished the Galaxy Dragon. The Galaxy Dragon is multimedia. I started out with a light graphite sketch and then  dipping ink wash. Then I used acrylics like water colours, then some metallic gem dust, a bit of pencil crayon and metallic markers are in there too. It’s very shiny sparkly in person.

Anyway, this is what I have to share for now!

sketchfest 95 collage



Flowers and Vampires

Woke up this morning with the music of “Flower Duet” from Léo Delibes’ opera Lakmé.

I don’t think it’s the first place I heard this piece, but the first place I definitely remember hearing it from was the 1983 vampire movie, The Hunger starring Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, and Susan Sarandon. It also featured the band Bauhaus. I had a friend who said she watched this movie because David Bowie was in it, but after the opening sequence bar scene with Peter Murphy toning out Bela Lugosi’s Dead, her reaction was “David who?!”

Anyway I found a few sketches I did from back then. I had some poems somewhere I had written and thought at the time if I created enough of this kind of thing I would create a book entitled “To my Beloved, Nosferatu”.  This is all that seems to be left of that wisp of an endeavour.

nosferatu x3

Sketchfest 94

This weekend was another Sketchfest. #EMGSketchFest94. So I finished my sketches over the last couple of days and here is what I came up with this time:

ice eyed snow leopard-small
Ice-Eyed Snow Leopard, done with pencil crayons and a metallic ink wash.
ice unicorn small
Winter Frost Unicorn
sea unicorn-small
Sea Unicorn, or I am subtitling Hippocampicorn.
Winter Fae small
Winter Fae
winter moon-small
Winter Stag Moon

T-Shirts and Cards

I have many designs that go well on T-shirts and other stuff. I have probably too many places to go to get such paraphernalia, but I want to be found! Plus that way if you have a place you like to deal with, you have choices. Here are a few of my favourite designs and some that seem quite popular. For your perusing enjoyment. Of course if you follow one of the many links to one of my online stores, I would be very grateful, and you will likely get a few compliments when you show off your goodies.

Vitruvian Squirrel square for print threadless (2)
My most popular design sold by far.
study of cat ears threadless submission
I get so many comments every time I wear my shirt with this.

Christmas Unicorn digital coloured


Chakra flowers-small
This one recently won a contest for best design for a yoga mat!


carpe carpio02

400dpi Fairy Couple


Maple Leaf Tree-flat colours
Created to Celebrate Canada


a tree pentacle green back-PoD


decorative pentacle-plasma
This one comes in many different colours


art Nouveau cat-in-box

The Mayan Cat Calander



chameleon Threadless_PillowTemplate
This one recently sold as a pillow!


Cloaky -merged style-newsprinted-For PoD
I wish this one was popular…I really like it.


stylized wolf moon v2-3
This is my newest design so it’s not “popular” yet…

I tried to link each image to the place where it has sold before, but here is a list of all the places you can find my art to buy, on more than just t-shirts too. I also have so many more designs and images to look at!




Fine Art America




Sketchfest 93

This weekend was another Sketchfest. #EMGSketchFest93. I worked on four prompts this time. Fox and Raven under the Moon, Starling and the Fairy, Majestic Deer, and Ice Wraith.

emgsketchfest 93 sketch collage

And I got 2 into fairly finished states. I took a picture of the ice wraith at an angle to try and show how shiny and sparkly she is.

emgsketchfest 93 finished collage

Thanks to Ellen Million for hosting this amazing monthly event and for featuring my Fox and Raven in her blog!


Yes I participated! I got 31 plus ink drawings in 31 days. They are in various states of doneness and quality, but I think the point was to get 31 images made, to learn and to get in practice. I found many people seemed to think it was all about starting in ink and living with ink. I had it in my mind that inking was what was done to a sketch in one of the stages of comic book art. So I started the month drawing in pencil and mostly using a micron marker pen to “ink” the sketches. Most I did with pencil to start. I found that I was not happy with the few I tried solely in ink. There were a couple of exceptions. Many times I found the inking process changed the ideas laid out in pencil anyway. I was fairly ambitious to start as I was thinking of doing two projects that may have some overlap but essentially was laying out double the work for myself. I participated in the Sktchy app event and I wanted to make as many images cat images for my own personal #catober. I ended up with 40 drawings between the 2 projects, 14 of those were cats. Sktchy is a artist and muse app where people post photos and other people draw them. The administrators found images that fit with the official #inktober prompts and the artists were sent emails reminding them the theme and sharing these images. I tried doing as many as I could using these prompts, but some days it just didn’t work for me. On those days I did still try to use inspiration from the muses on the app so I could have 31 official #sktchy #inktober images. Some of my cat images came from the prompts and muses on the Sktchy app. I don’t think I got 31 #catober images but I ran out of time and energy to get them all done. I think I tried to stay with the #inktober list of word prompts for the #catober images too.  I spent the 31st playing catch-up with the drawings and November 1st with some finishing touches. I still feel many of them need so much more work. Maybe I will turn some of them into water colour paintings. Others I think I may never want to look at again! Sharing what I did get done, what ever stage it ended in at the end of the month (or the first).

catober inktober collage

I have a gallery on facebook showing each image individually and my favourites on instagram.

Oh and this extra one I missed in the collage, I drew waiting at the airport so it didn’t get in the pile with the rest of the drawings when I scanned everything, plus it was an extra one so I missed it in the count as I had the number I should have.

Inktober 15 mysterious sktchy ballpoint drawing very small

September Sketchfest

#EMGSketchFest 91 was this weekend. I did 3 prompts and have finished line drawings of 2. How productive was I? Prompts were: Collector of ____ , Harvest Moon, and Witch Queen. I tried using a vintage photo of a real European Noble from Victorian times as inspiration, but it was tricky so we’ll see if I do more work on the Witch Queen. The Collector of Keys and Harvest Moon images are done up to colouring page status. We’ll see if I do add colour to those one day.

August Sketchfest

Took part in Ellen Million’s Sketchfest again. Always fun and inspiring. The Eclipse seemed to be a popular prompt again this month and I got 2 drawings from that, one of which I played with colouring in GIMP, plus a couple more.

Prompts were Eclipse Dragon, My Black Cat, Beautiful Beast, and Total Eclipse.Sketchfest 90 aug 2017

And Ellen featured my Beast on her blog too! thank you Ellen 🙂

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