Golden Brown

Was watching many music videos before bed last night, so no surprise there would be something stuck in my head this morning.

I had completely forgotten about this song until last night, but back in the early 90’s I liked this song very much. Golden Brown by the Stranglers.  (I know it was released in the 80’s but I didn’t get my Stranglers’ Greatest hits until the 90’s which is where I was introduced to the song) I like almost any music that incorporates vintage or antique sounds and instruments, so the harpsichord is what got me hooked on this song.

What I found last night though, that reintroduced me to this song did not have a harpsichord. Nope. No Harpsichord. Try Mariachi! How fun.



I need a change…

Are we given ear worms for a purpose? Is there a hidden message somewhere in repetition of a line of a song, or the title of the song? I don’t know, maybe I do need a change, but I don’t know what kind or how.

Today’s earworm is brought to us by the Yoshida Brothers and their collaboration with Monkey Majik. I first heard the Yoshida Brothers on the Nightmare Before Christmas tribute album with the song Nabbed. I really like the sound of the instrument they play, the shamisen, so of course an internet search for more of their music brought me to the video on YouTube with the band Monkey Majik, whom I have never heard of before and in spite of the rapping I really found I liked their song Change. The video with everyone wearing fox masks fascinated me as well.

So whether or not I need a change, I thought I would share this song that was stuck in my head this morning.


It finally happened.

It would have been more likely to happen around high school or college because I listened to them so much in those days. My favourite band finally planted an ear worm. I woke up with the song “Winning Side” by Oingo Boingo going through my head. It was Danny Elfman’s solo video of “Gratitude” quickly followed by the album “Dead Man’s Party” that got me wildly into this group which I have followed since then until now, where Danny Elfman still creates music for the movies, even though he has retired from the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo.


Fan Art created in High School. Also my first linoleum print.