One Day Left to Save the Doodles!

One Day Left! Anyone who wishes has tomorrow to post. My FaceBook Page Album, “Save the Doodles” has all the art that needs to go.  Saturday I will start going through and sending messages to anyone who pledged to save some art. I recommend going through and liking any images you didn’t pledge on, just in case they end up as packaging with the art that you did pledge for!

Some of the pieces that I think are nice that haven’t had anyone pledging to rescue are:

cephalod princess pastel-02
Cephalopod Princess, pastel drawing
grey angel-small
grey angel, graphite on grey toned paper with metallic highlights
Septembird 15 pigeon-small
Pigeon on a Ledge, coloured pencil with metallic marker highlights
green eyed owl-small
Screech Owl, micron pen illustration with metallic marker for the green eyes.
nightingale painted-sm
Nightingale, micron pen with a metallic paint wash.
Inktober 7 shy sktchy ink painting v2-small
Shy Elf, ink line drawing with a dipping ink wash and metallic highlights.
020 Juneicorn
Unicorn, graphite and white charcoal with metallic highlights on grey toned paper.
01 JuneFae
Fairy Girl, micron pen, pastels, pencil crayon, metallic markers.
Inktober 14 fierce sktchy cat ink painting-small
For the inktober prompt “Fierce”, micron pen and dipping ink wash.

There are many more that are unclaimed at the Facebook gallery, so take a look and see if there is anything you would rather own than have it tossed in the recycle bin.


Sketchfest 93

This weekend was another Sketchfest. #EMGSketchFest93. I worked on four prompts this time. Fox and Raven under the Moon, Starling and the Fairy, Majestic Deer, and Ice Wraith.

emgsketchfest 93 sketch collage

And I got 2 into fairly finished states. I took a picture of the ice wraith at an angle to try and show how shiny and sparkly she is.

emgsketchfest 93 finished collage

Thanks to Ellen Million for hosting this amazing monthly event and for featuring my Fox and Raven in her blog!

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